Welcome to Fierce Love, the weblog for acclaimed filmmaker and spiritual activist Velcrow Ripper.  A journey into the heart of  Love in action, of spirituality in the real world.  A personal inquiry into what it is to be divinely human in these times of turmoil and transformation.

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Please allow me to introduce myself (said the Rolling Stones) I’m a….and here we’ll begin to change the tune – I’m a man, it’s true,  someone who could be described as a ‘Spiritual Media Activist.’

My latest project is the “Fierce Love Trilogy”.  It began with  ScaredSacred , a film about the search for hope in the Ground Zero’s of the world – places like Afghanistan, Hiroshima, Israel and Palestine, Bhopal, Cambodia and Bosnia. A film about unwrapping the darkness, to reveal the light.

This was followed  by the documentary,  Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action, about contemporary stories in the tradition of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, stories that capture the Zeitgeist of transformation that is sweeping the globe, a transformation that begins in the heart of each and every one of us. It is a journey that is both very personal, and very universal.  Fierce Light is hitting the film festival circuit, and will be coming to a theatre near you beginning in the spring.

I have just completed “Occupy Love”  which asks the question: how could  today’s planetary crisis could be transformed into a love story? Could it become a tremendous opportunity for  a great leap forward of global consciousness, collaboration and sustainability.  It is a global search for living examples of “another world” in the present day; inspiring stories of  creative solutions in action, asking the world’s visionaries:  ‘how can we turn end times into new beginnings?’

– Velcrow Ripper

Toronto Island, Canada


  1. Velcrow, where does light come from? Does it originate from within ourselves, and if so how did it get there? Are we lit by a thought or a feeling, or is it a choice. Perhaps the positive affirmations of our strongest will.

  2. Hey Roger…
    where does the light come from? Well I think it’s a both/and scenario – the light comes from within, as ultimately we are Totality, boundlessness, G~d if you like. And yet G~d is of course vaster – vaster than we could every comprehend, and so the source of all light is without. So it’s both/and. And depending on where you are in life, on your spiritual journey, you can either be a reflector of light – like the moon – or a source of radiance yourself – like the Sun. To be like the Sun is a powerful place to be, and takes a real committment to Love, as well as doing deep shadow work. Until we understand the totality of ourselves – mind body spirit and shadow – we will be unconsciously in a “taker” mode. To move into a radiant, “giver” mode, (which must always include giving to yourself – true giving feeds you, does not deplete you), we need to be awake, aware, fully conscious. Positive affirmation is great, and can be useful, but is only one part of the picture. We also need to understand the full spectrum of who we are, and that sometimes means mucking around in the darkness and seeing, releasing, and loving what is there.

    Are we lit by a thought or a feeling? We certainly can be, and thoughts change into material reality very easily. And they also transmit energy. As do feelings. We can be lit by a matrix -thought, feeling, energy, physicality, divine inspiration…maybe all at once! But we need constant clearing, constant consciousness, constant growth. We never stop growing on this earth, that’s the fun part!

    Thank you for your questions!

  3. Hi Velcrow, do you have an email where I could send a personal message? Lynn from Vancouver Canada

  4. Hi Lynn…sure, you can send me an email to transparentfilm at warpmail.net

  5. Hi, Velcrow,
    I got in love with the Fierce Light movie, and now I got here, only to read you’re starting a film about what I’ve been planning to write a book about, that is “A Better World Starts Now” or something like that, about people who are succeeding in creating bits of a better, more just, more sustainable and holistic world/society right now. For all of us dreamers to be inspired, and to learn both from their strengths and weak places: How do they do it? What works and why? What doesn’t and why not?
    You see, I’ve known many people trying to change the world and failing consistently :( and never seeming to learn better, yet some people somewhere actually put into practice things we wish for a better world…

  6. I have been looking for ‘Selflessly Participative Exploration and Action’. At my blog, the current ‘strawman’ presentation has a number of threads, including cultural, philosophical, technological, spiritual, … The parent-blog has a number of associated blogs. Please take a look at them. I would like to explore with you the possibilities of associating it with ‘fierce love’. Thanks.


  7. Please,
    Let start something “different”: The world is perfect, the universe is perfect, all is absolutely perfect, and humans are perfect, totally perfect.
    Now, visualize this wonderful all pervasive perfection, make it real in your mind eye, see it, feel it, have the certainty of the total Cosmic Perfection.
    There is nothing else but Peace, Freedom, Unconditional Love, total fulfilment in life, complete Harmony and Beauty.
    Be this Perfection and it will suddenly BE REAL!
    You have the Power NOW to make it happen.
    Do it NOW!

    Great! You got it!

  8. Discovered your blog and work tonight… and simply wanted to say Thanks… Thanks for showing up.

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  11. […] begins with fierce love. What are you devoted to? You don’t have to be everything to everyone, and you don’t have to […]

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