Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Few phrases are more powerful, more freeing, more transformative than those two simple words – Thank You. Try using these words with someone you are having a conflict with. Whether you speak it to yourself or to the person, it will have a powerful effect.

I was recently in a conflict with a dear friend. One of the speakers from the Living in the Fire of Change conference, the wonderful Mary Tidlun of the Tidlun Foundation, gave me a Mala – a set of prayer beads – and explained that they were “gratitude beads”, hand made and given to her as a gesture of thanks from a group of women in Kathmandu who had been recipients of her activist work. She in turn passed them on to me, with the suggestion – “do a round of thank-you’s on these beads for all your friend has given you, send thanks for the gifts you are receiving in this conflict, for what it is teaching your soul.”

And so I did. The effect was tremendously powerful. It helped me move from a place of contraction, to a place of expansion. From a place of the armoured heart, to a place of appreciation and deep compassion.

Today I find myself constantly doing rounds of “thank you’s” on the beads, for different people and situations, as a regular part of my contemplative practice. It awakens my true heart, and frees me from isolation, from fear, from closing down. Being grateful can be tough – you don’t get to hide behind the victim role. But who really wants to be a victim anyways? Just your ego, which relishes the job. Surely we can do better than that!

Making up my own prayer of thanks has been a powerful tool for me. It changes to meet the needs of the day, but there is always something or someone to thank. Especially those who make life – shall we say – interesting.

You could try it yourself: find a set of prayer beads, and using your thumb and fingers, count through each bead, pausing to say “thank you” as they move through your fingers. Direct your gratitude to whoever or whatever feels right at the moment.

Mala’s – or prayer beads – are available in any spiritual store. Or you can order them on-line at places like The Dharma Shop.


Here is a gratitude prayer by Native Elder Seqouyah Trueblood, a new friend and companion on the path, which I filmed recently at the Living in the Fire of Change Conference. You can listen to this as a meditation, as part of a morning or evening ritual, or at any time. Take these words to heart, and carry them with you. You could use his words as an inspiration to create your own gratitude prayer. Any sentence that begins with the words “Thank-you” has the power to become a sacred prayer.








  1. Thank you for rekindling an extinguished flame in my heart and tearing off my thick skin.

  2. Thank you for the mind-blowing “Love’s universe” article. Now I understand why even the most sophisticated intellectuals are at a loss when they try to explain the nature of love “Since everything is explained by something subtler than what is being explained, nothing can explain love, because love itself is the subtlest of all things we can experience.” And this sounds like the greatest challenges of all: “In order to really love, our ego structure has to dissolve and reform on a new basis. Our hearts may have to be broken, our false pride humbled. Love then recreates the self.” It also says that the essence of all religion is the submission to God in love. But only in theory – so many religions degenerate in hatred and violence that it’s hard to believe they were ever based on love.

  3. Mahalo, Velcrow, for all you for BEING, sharing and for shining your Fierce Light into our world. Thank you for your commitment to Love, for giving voice to Truth, and journeying into the Great Mystery of creation that we may all find our way hOMe.

    May we all find the courage to walk in Love, Live in Light and find the sacred in all things!

    Ukehi shi’bijii (Thank you for being our heart)

    Stacey Robyn
    steward, World Gratitude

  4. Thank you for the great link to the free download of “The reflections on evolutionary activism”. Awesome book! Let’s hope we will all become greater than we are, instead of vanishing in a swansong of stardust :)

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