Defiantly Hopeful


In the face of a world in crisis, I dare to care. In the face of materialism, consumerism, and me me me – ism, I recognize that I am because you are, that without you and you and you – plant animal mineral macro micro organism human- I would not exist. That we are all part of a brilliant multi hued tapestry, that we all add to the warp and weave and woof, that we all have a fierce light.

In the face of irony, cynicism, jadedness and despair, I choose hope. In the face of narrow empiricism, the confining corridors of quantification, of dogma of any stripe-rational, political, spiritual or religious, I choose to light a match to the fuse of possibility, and blow up all boxes, sending the church of reason, the church of ideology, the church of churchiness, into the air, with a deep and satisfying boooooom, so that emptied of their arrogance, these churches might offer us freedom, not more walls, love, not more hate, understanding, not more separation.

In the face of hatred, anger and fear, I choose love, compassion, and celebration. If I can’t party in your revolution, don’t put me on the guest list.

In the face of my own vulnerabilities and limitations, I choose to go easy on myself. I am not perfect, I am human, and that is a wonderful thing. My stumblings and fumblings make me real. I am simply doing my best.

In the face of my ego, which is always feeling either smalled or bigged, I smile gently and give it a little pat on the head, a kick in the butt, a nudge in the ribs and say,”hey we’re doing fine, we’re doing just fine. Get up off the ground, get down off of your pedestal and stand in the place of the real, neither inflated, nor deflated, just be yourself. That’s good enough.”

In the face of a sunny day, I cry out,”thank you! Thank you for this amazing world, thank you for 14 billion years of hard joyous miraculous work to get us to the point where we can really appreciate this magnificence. I’m going to stop pissing in my own pool and start truly loving this incredulous place, from the bottom of my toes to the tip of my tongue, gonna celebrate this one precious life, this next precious breath, this precious precious moment. To hell with the nay sayers and doomsdayers, the cynics and the pisspots, I will blow up the gates of the gatekeepers and storm the citadels of the power brokers with pure, unadulterated Love. Nothing-not anything- will stand in my way, not even myself. It’s the least I can do to say, thank you, thank you, thank you for the wondrous wonder of creative creation. And in case no one has told you this today, Universe: you rock!”


  1. “Nothing will stand in my way, not even myself.” That’s a great thought. Thank you, this post put a BIG smile on my face. And in case no one has told you this today, Velcrow – you rock too!

  2. Velcrow, this is a wonderful and beautiful writing, where you are truly walking your talk. I feel fully in resonance with it. It is INSPIRING. I am glad our paths have crossed and that you are there in the world, bringing this joyful fierceness of love, light and humour. YES this is a wonderful world, YES we can collectively make a change, YES YES AND yes. Sending you a sea wave of joy from sunny, windy Brittany in France today…..

  3. All I could hear through the course of this post was the steady sound of a rhythmically pumping heart in the back of my mind. Then I smiled, and breathed, and remembered what I forget all too often: that life is such a beautiful slice of opportunity, and if I let the small tragedies weigh me down, then the big ones will follow suit, and really….where can a person be then?

    Thanks for reminding me, m’ dear. ^__^

  4. You wrote on Twitter that you were relieved to use the word “God” freely in front of a congregation. What do you mean? Is it against the law to use it or something? By the way, I wouldn’t call you a theologian. A philosopher is more like it.

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