Human beings are a complex concoction, a molten mixture of mind, body, spirit, and shadow; a combination of the mental, physical, spiritual plus all the goop from the dark cellar of our psyches, all coming together to create a fragrant, stinking, steaming sumptuous human stew that is uniquely me, uniquely  you.  To bring all these elements, and the many elements within these elements, into conscious harmony, to become an integrated self aware human, is no mean feat.  It’s a life long project that is never done, one that we started 14 billion years ago, and might very well continue after we die.  But right now, in this earthbound plane of existence, at this particular time in history, the journey towards consciousness is moving into a whole new level, ready for the quantum leap off the tired old maps of the conquistadors, into the uncharted terrain of new possibility, propelled by the urgency of a planet in deep peril.  


This is an exciting time to be awakening from the primordial ooze, a thrilling time to be coming into consciousness, the perfect moment to become awake, aware, alert. We  have all been offered an unprecedented opportunity:  the chance to help usher in the dawning of a dramatically new era, beyond the age of extinctions into the age of transformation.   It’s truly happening.  Don’t be duped by the flying rubble as the old altars collapse in on themselves-it’s the last gasp of the setting sun civilization, the fall of Rome, the end of the era of the fat cats, the dominators, the takers, the me me me people.  


Take your seat at the table of the new paradigm, the rising sun paradigm, the time of the we we we people,   the radiating heart centered planet people,  the givers and receivers, the interconnected and independent, the Lovers and the leavers of all that is excess, those who know that happiness comes from connection and creativity, from green growth, from going beyond sustainability to mutually enhancing relationships, the ones who See each other, who See them Selves, who Be them Selves.  The ones who are no longer waiting for anything-the time is now.  The ones who wish upon a star,”may all beings be joyful, creative and free, never hungry, never abandoned…” Yes we can, yes we will, nothing must stop us now.  There’s too much at stake-the fate of the planet is in our hands.  


We asked for this responsibility, we signed up for it somewhere on the other side of our original face, we knew we had the resources, the stuff, the fierce light, the soul force, the truth force to rise to this occasion, this incredible honour, to be here in an era that will be looked upon for the next million years as the turning point.  This is  a time of great extinctions, mass extinctions not seen for 60 million years, not asteroid borne this time, but human born, and we are the ones who have the chance to say-enough.  We will not stand idle.  We will not submit to despair and cynicism.  We will not succumb to addiction and numbness.  We will celebrate this rare, sacred human life and give it all we got, we we people, combining our strengths with the other we people around this trembling globe, opening ourselves to the full possibility of recreating this world, of re-charting the course, of silencing the booming discordance of their obscene weaponry, the Machiavellian machinery, the monstrous make believe world that we have bought into, been bought and sold into, for far too long!  Thousands of years of being lied to is too long. 


 Shatter the illusion, break the chains, open your eyes, your heart, your mind and step into possibility.   Break the chains of fear.  Break the chains of hate.  Break the chains of domination,  break the chains of manipulation.  We can do this- we do this, moment by moment, one by one, when we choose to Love.  Not the love they sing about in their mass produced pop charades-that kind of cheap love is nothing more than re-branded re-cooked leftovers of their corporate machinations, a fractal of their sorry tale of power over – no not that love!  We’re talking real love here, authentic love, open love, divine human love, true love, free, spacious and unconstricted that wants only what’s best for you, and best for me, not some tangled web we weave to get another object for ourself-an “object” made of blood and bone and flesh.  The love I’m talking about is fresh and new, continually recreated moment by moment, not a tired program,  not needy and miserly. Not constrained, controlling jealous or mad.  It demands nothing-it demands nothing.  Love cannot be taken, it can only be given, and received. We we people give love. We we people receive love. We we people Be love.  Try it-even a little taste of this love is better than a gallon of that MSG laden aspartame laced too sweet to be true love.  Have a little snifter of Fierce Love, if you dare, and you will never be the same.  Then take your transformed heart out into the world, and start to be the change you want to see.  The world will never be the same.

The Next Step


I was listening to an Enlightenext interview with evolutionary visionary Brian Swimme today, and he talked about the idea that the next phase of evolution will be when we learn to live in a society of “mutually enhancing relationships.”

What a beautiful vision.  This is an evolutionary understanding that can apply to every facet of our lives, from the way we interact with each other, to the way we interact with other species, and the ecosystems that surround us.

It means abandoning the position of always being a “taker,”  depleting the people around us as we try to get whatever we can from them, for ourselves, greedily moving through the world looking out for numero uno, with no regard for those around us.  We’ve been trained to act this way by consumer society, and it’s destroying the planet, and has torn a big gaping wound into the fabric of society.

On the other side of the scale, we also need to abandon always being a giver -someone who is always giving, giving, giving, always putting out and  never receiving.  The classic example of that is the mother who does everything for her children.   Or the martyr activist, who will give all they have to cause, even when they are running so low on internal reserves that they eventually hit a wall and burn out.  Strange as it may seen, it is possible to be too much of a giver – because we need to also learn to give to ourselves.  For some of us, it’s very difficult to receive.   Not being able to receive can block us from being able to love and be loved.

Mutually enhancing relationships are the relationships of the mature conscioussness.  In these kinds of dynamics, we respect the needs, the space, and the personshood of the other, while maintaining and respecting our own needs, space and personhood.  But we also give – we give what is needed, in the way it is wanted.  The golden rule is do unto others as they would do unto us.  But what if they don’t want done unto them, period?  The platinum rule is “do unto others as they want done unto them.”

Imagine a world of mutual respect, of mutual enhancement. This applies to our human relationships, and to our environmental relationships.  In this era, humans are suddenly faced with the enormous responsibility of the fate of the whole planet, and unless we learn to live with the envronment in such a way that we stop depleting it, we’re going be part of this massive wave of extinction that is sweeping the earth today.  We need to actually go beyond sustainability, to restoration.  We need to start looking at the eco battle zones, the man made deserts, the wastelands, the dead lakes, and start to restore them.  We need to look at our urban habitats, and transform them into urban edens.  It can be done! There are tremendous success stories everywhere we look.  The first one that pops into my mind is the story of the Hudson River, which was a dead polluted water way.  With years of dedication and committment, the river has been healed.

We can do it, we can create a new paradigm of human and eco  interrelationships, we just need the will.  It’s quite simple really:  if each one of us decided to leave this world, our friends, family and the people we meet a little happier, a littler healthier, a little more peaceful, than they were before, if each of us dared to open our hearts and let compassion in,  to let compassion out, drop by drop, heart by heart, we could transform this world.  It’s starting to happen – I’ve seen it all over the world.  I have hope, I have faith, despite the torrential downpour of bad news, that the sun is rising on a new paradigm, a paradigm of mutual transformation.




Kay, it’s that time of year when we all are thinking about how we’re supposed to be making a bunch of stinking New Years resolutions that we’re never going to keep and that are just going to make us feel bad about ourselves for the next year.   

Well my first New Years Evolution is to stop feeling bad about myself for any of my shortcomings – just let that go.   But first I have to do a very un-male thing and accept that I actually have a shortcoming or two.  Let me have a peek….yikes!  I do.  I gots some. Damn.  So much for that mask of rigid perfection I thought I had to wear.  

Hey – its actually kind of relaxing to drop that.  Let’s you breathe a little easier.  So- I herby accept my weak spots, I hereby see my blind spots, I hereby love my broken bits.  I  accept them, love them, and love myself.   It’s okay male ego – you aren’t perfect.  You got spots.  You got dots.  You got some work to do.

So my next New Years Evolution is to shine a light into my shadows, light a torch into my unconscious,  and see all of me, the dark and the light, the good, the bad and the ugly, and allow myself the room to grow.   I hereby renew my fierce commitment to evolution.   Spiritual evolution.   

I hereby commit myself to energetic integrity…to being aware of not just my speech, and my thought and actions, but to how my energy moves in the world.  I renew my committment to moving from a place of Love – and letting that Love come from the deepest well of my being, from a place of absolute freedom – freedom for myself, and freedom for everyone who comes into my path.   I commit to becoming aware of when, even on the subtlest levels, my energy shifts from one of power with, to power over.   This is something we men have to really learn, and work on, cause the patriarchy has dug deep into our souls, and carved out a swampy sludge that needs constant clearing. But women get snared by  the inner patriarch too.

I invite the Divine She in, with awe and gratitude, to help clear away every last vestige of oily patriarchal residue from within me, and those around me – men and women both – free us from the hypnotizing lies of domination and destruction, of fear and manipulation,  so we can reclaim our souls, our selves, our lives and our planet and walk again in creativity and wonder, in collaboration and delight, in hope and inspiration,  thank you, thank you, thank you for this incredible world.

I invite the Divine He in, to re-ignite in me an understanding of what the true masculine is, the loving masculine, the giving masculine, the healing masculine, the empowering, powerful, free and spacious masculine.



This Space Free.



I commit to clearing, and re-clearing, to calling the divine in, moment by moment, day by day, to serving with all my power, from a place of loving power, helping to be a source of radiance in this world, and not a force of depletion.  To inspire and awaken in me the highest truth, to be a solar powered bio fueled love bug in this world of turmoil and transformation.  

I commit to stop using the phrase “in this world of turmoil and transformation” all the time.

I commit to loosening up, to laughing a lot more, to not making so many commitments all the time, especially on New Years, when it’s such an obvious thing to do, instead to cover it all in one foul swoop and say:  I commit to coming from the deepest place of authenicity I possibly can, at all times, and when I forget and my ego takes over, to bouncing back as soon as I notice, or until someone I love tells me to wake the fuck up.  I commit to saying, “thank you” when they do, unless it gets over the top and too damn much in which case, in the interests of self love, I commit to walking away, with my heart full of love, from any situation, relationship or scenario which is just not good for me.

I commit to opening my heart wide, to being truly spacious, to letting go, to not holding on, to not taking, to not grasping, to not clinging, to allowing what is to be, and what isn’t to not be, to allowing what wants to be to manifest without trying to outthink, double think, or triple think the divine, to getting out of my own way so the universe can do it’s part, to doing my part, to loving the process, to seeing it all as a process, to not obsessing on the goal, to lighting my bonfire and burning down the house, till there’s nothing left but love and ashes, and building it all up, over and over again, each beautiful castle nothing more than a glittering wedding cake to the divine, offered with love to the whole party, no guest list needed, with fearless surrender and profound willfulness, secure in the knowledge that all is good, all is good, all is good.   

I swear I’m not just making idle promises here, but really laying it on the line – the time has come to let loose the full potential that I was gifted with here on this earth, this one precious and wild life as they say, to really live it, seize it by the cojones and dare to stare into the sun with my eyes glowing fierce and uninhibited and reverently irreverent, fearless and truthful, joyous and mournful, tasting the agonizing ecstasy that is life on earth with every pore of my body, mind and spirit sizzling, sizzling, sizzling.   Let nothing stop me, not even the cynics and the killjoys who would piss on my parade, not the gatekeepers who have locked their own  gates, not the gates I myself have locked, let me blow up them all to smithereens with divine inspiration, smash down the old altars, tear down the walls, gleefully, lovingly, unstoppable.  Sizzling, sizzling, sizzling.