Dare to Dream

“Hope and sincerity are the new punk.” – Antony Hegarty



For now, let go

Just for now, let it all go

Your worries, your fears, your addiction to suffering

Put your despair and cynicism

On the back burner

Turn the dial to “off”

And let all that stuff stew in it’s own juices.

Let your seen too much eyes

Be fresh and clear again

Let your heard too much ears

Open to the music of hope

Let your felt too little skin

Feel the ecstasy of possibility


Feel the wind of change


Let your battered and beaten heart

Beat proud and loud and full of fire


Let your shaken and broken soul

Be whole and fierce


Let your Love shine out

Let your voice speak up

Yes, we know, we’ve heard, all the doubts, all the complaints, all the limitations and hesitations that will arise

In this all too real world

But today, let all that fall away.  

Just for a day.

Tommorrow, tommorrow, tommorrow…

It’s time to take responsibility

To take a chance

To become the dream you dare to dream today

Take a chance

To make that dream into reality

Take a chance

To become the change

You know is coursing and bubbling through your veins

No one else but you

Can do this

As we step into the Obama era

It’s up to us to keep on dreaming

No one needs to do it for us

Not me, not him, not them – 

Just you.

Because, this is about you.

Today, I dare you to dream.

Tomorrow, I dare you to become that dream.


~Velcrow Ripper, on the day of Obama’s inauguration





  1. This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for these words, Velcrow, and for this sparkling sense of hope. Let’s suspend disbelief and join hands and hearts as our dreams take flight. Showers upon showers of blessings to you.

  2. “Tomorrow I dare you to become that dream”? It sounds absolutely unreal, but who knows…Maybe me defeat ourselves by not daring. Anyway, you are sowing the right seeds. Bless you.

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