Out of the Shadows


As the days begin to grow longer again, and the light grows brighter, it’s an excellent time to reflect, renew and reclaim our Selves. Time to let go of all that is not True, and bring forward all that is.

Awakening is not a distant dream, something that will one day bless us, like a lightening bolt from heaven. It is the very next choice you make. It is the moment in which you choose Love – expansion – over contraction. Only Love is real – the rest is illusion. Only light is real. Darkness is simply the absence of light. Hate is simply the absence of Love.

Within each of us, lies an inexhaustible reservoir of Love. It can never be destroyed, it can never be permanently stained – it is in fact, unstainable. In a flash, you can come to, wake up, right now! It doesn’t have to be a monumental shazam! Awakening can be as small as a burst of joy at a childs smile, true appreciation of a mouthful of food, an honest sense of compassion at the plight of another being half way around the world.

Why not try it, right now. Pick a fear – any fear – and answer me this: is that fear based in this very moment, or does it live in the future? If it’s a future fear – even five minutes from now – release it. Let it go. Take a deep breath, and let it go. If its an immediate fear, something you’re in and need to face, then face it, embrace it, and look for the teaching within. For there is nothing that happens to us – not one thing – that is not an offering. It all comes down to perspective. Can you learn to feel gratitude for even that which entangles you? If you can, that gratitude itself will help to cut the bonds that hold you down.

Ah the joys of spaciousness, of boundlessness. Of letting go. Again, again, again. There is no permanence in this plane of existence. Nothing stays the same – even the very cells of your body are constantly in motion, constantly shifting. We try so desperately to fix things in time and space, and in that attempt lies our suffering. Our attempts to be secure, leave us in a desperately insecure place. We are constantly, frantically trying to shore up the structure of our self – our egoic self. Let that go, and you will find deep peace.

And when you find that deep peace, rooted in trust, then you will find that you move through the world with radiance. If you want to change this world, if you want to make this world more peaceful, then let yourself be peace.

And then, perhaps, take one more step, from being to doing….for the time has come to get active! To find out what your true gift is, to unwrap it, and share it with the world. Find out why you’re here, with this precious human life, and celebrate!

A brand new year is coming our way, filled with potential, and challenges. Can you feel the tremblings of a new humanity budding beneath the soil?

It’s a thrilling time to be alive, a time when absolutely anything can happen, a time when each of us is here to make a difference, when who we are and what we do can tip the scales, so that once again the forces of life will hold the reigns of power. True power, the power of Love.


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  1. Hi Velcrow — happy new year almost here! These thoughts from you are wonderful! I can see this already taking shape into book form, very inspiring….and love the ‘sandal/shoe’ observation about George Bush!



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