It’s solstice time, the darkest time of the year, a time of transition, of death and rebirth.  The Sufi’s have a beautiful phrase, “die before you die”, and now is the time to do that!  Die to all that is not beauty, all that is not truly you, all that is dysfunction, habit, stale energy stuffing up you’re Being.  Let it go!

Our true essence is like a sculpture buried in rock, it’s always there, we just need to remove all that it is not.  Chip away the unessential, to the heart of who we are.

This time of transition, from the old year into the new, from the short dark days, to the beginning of the longer days, is an opportunity to clear away those ancient grooves that are choking our growth.  We all have them, if we just look a little closer.  Even those of us who have spent our whole life in spiritual practice, in trying to become self aware, have got stuff to release.   Old stuff. Hidden stuff.  Subtle stuff perhaps, but stuff nonetheless.

This has definitely been a transition time for me, a time of deep reflection,and deep release.   And I think I’m getting somewhere, actually letting go of some unconscious shadow gunk that was tripping me up.

Last night I had a the kind of dream that would be a field day for a Jungian Therapist.

  There was this merry go round, and all these people were hanging from ropes, tied at the wrists, and  a jailer was at each persons foot.  I came up, and freed the tired, sad, beaten victims. The jailer was not happy about this, but in the face of my awareness, he had no choice.

Then I got into a royal carriage, with a Queen, and we rode towards the
palace, where a shadow king had taken power.  As we rode, we shouted to the people of the kingdom, “there is nothing to fear, the false king is no longer in power.”  As we approached the palace, boldy proclaiming that the reign of terror was over, we looked back to see this enormous parade behind us, and a huge army, supporting us.  The reign of the shadow king was over!

 We all have a shadow king inside us, that patriachal energy force of domination, that thinks only of himself, who enslaves and rules the kingdom like a cowboy – like a George Bush.   In becoming conscious of him, and admitting to his existence, his power if diminished, and eventually, we can free ourselves, and those around us, from his grip.

 This what is happening to our personal pysches, and it is what is happening to the collective unconscious of the world.

 For too long, we have allowed the Shadow Kings to rule this world, pretending not to see the damage they have wrought, or acting as if we were helpless to create change.

Those days are ending!  The Shadow Kings are losing their grip.  Shoes are being hurled in their faces, and their time in power is coming to an end.

Not that I condone shoe throwing as a path to change, but it was kinda satisfying.  On a side note, it is said that Padmasambhava, the man who who brought Buddhism to Tibet, became enlightened when his teacher hit him with a sandal.  George Bush no doubt missed his big chance when he ducked!

As we move from the days of darkness, into the days of light, it’s time to celebrate.  It’s time to be grateful for all the teachings of the past, the difficult ones, and the luminous blessings, and release all that is unnecessary and obsolete.  Just let it go!  It’s time to look deep within, and burn away all that is not Love.  Just let it burn!


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