Yep. Yes. Yessss. We can! We did! We will!

I’m in New York City, on election day, and the count down has begun. What will happen? The polls give Obama a lead, but no one here is taking anything for granted. Will small mindedness and fear, the lowest common dominater power of the collective ego, win the day, once again? Or will hope and the possibility of real change finally get it’s chance to revitalize the American political landscape? The global political landscape?

If he makes it in, then I think we will finally see authentic leadership in action. As much as he’s had to placate the American penchant for war mongering and sabre rattling, I believe that once the dude has got the reins, he will tap into something we all hunger for: authenticity….

Come on people! Take a chance on change!!!!

As we drive through Times Square the count down has begun. For some reason, the famous “Naked Cowboy” is up on the podium with his guitar in front of the CNN news monitors, as the results slowly come in we wait with bated breath…

I am praying….


256 facebook status updates…variations on this theme:

Velcrow is thrilled, moved, misty eyed, and ecstatic that Obama is in! A ferocious yes we can!!!!


“Today we become the nation we dream of being, a place where everyone can rise to the level of their true worth, with no false barriers. Today truth triumphs over lies, hope over fear. Today we become the people who can do the great things that are needed to restore health and balance and abundance for all. Today we take the dream and make it real.” –Starhawk


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